Dear Alumni,
We hope you are safe and well. This year, Sipna COET, Amt. is celebrating its “Silver Jubilee”. This Silver Jubilee celebration is incomplete without all its alumni. To make all the alumni a part of this celebration, the Sipna Alumni Association, Sipna COET, Amt. is organizing an Alumni Meet, “Sansmaran-2024,” in our college to revive and rejoice in their memories on 27 January 2024.
To ensure the success of this event, we sincerely ask all alumni to use the Google Form Link to choose a suitable time for the gathering by October 30, 2023, at the latest, and also join the Telegram Group using the link given in this mail. Please also share this message with your closest and dearest alumni. We would always appreciate your thoughts, comments, and suggestions to make this meeting a success.

Google Form Link:

Telegram Group Link:

Thanks & Regards,
Alumni Coordinator: Mr. Gaurav Dahake : 9096940059

Committee Members:

  1. Dr. Yogesh Gulhane – 9422121996 (2004 Batch Instrumentation)
  2. Mrs. Rakhi Gupta – 9689926899 (2004 Batch CSE)
  3. Mr. Amit Shah – 8888878139 (2005 Batch CSE)
  4. Mrs. Smita Jirapure – 90113 24248 (2006 Batch EXTC)
  5. Dr. Sagar Tawani –
    94053 58200 (2009 Batch EXTC)
  6. Mr. Parag Gadve – 9822702686 (2010 Batch MBA)
    7.Mr. Tanuj Rohankar – 9975257452(2009 Batch IT)
  7. Mr. Eshant Rajgure –
    8600201301 (2012 Batch EXTC)

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