Personality Development Club

Club Activities

Open Stage 2.0

An awe-inspiring mega event, “Open Stage 2.0,” encompasses a wide range of categories, such as On-Spot Painting, Magical Illusions, Sand Art, Kavi Sammelan, Bharud, Monologues, Gymnastic Displays, Poetry, and culminates with a special Mahabharata Skit.


Teachers’ Day Surprise Activity

A heartfelt Teachers’ Day surprise, where PDC members express gratitude to teachers with cards and flowers for their commitment and unwavering devotion.


Lunar Event

A live Chandrayaan-3 Broadcast Event in the college auditorium, uniting staff and students for an immersive experience of the mission’s progress.


First Year Induction

The first-year students were introduced to the club’s activities, objectives, and future plans through a concise interactive discussion.


Geeky McQuiz

A Quiz Competition held in the celebration of World Wide Web Day, to assess students’ expertise in both technical and general knowledge domains.


Lights Camera Act

An inter college drama competition was conducted on the occasion of World Theatre Day, in order to help individuals, develop their creativity and imagination.


SHE: A Tribute to Woman

An event conducted on the behalf of International Women’s Day, to appreciate the female staff of our college, with an entertaining game and thank-you letters.


Short Film Making Competition

An innovative competition for students to create and direct a short-film of their own, based on the life of Swami Vivekananda and their message for the youth.


Open Stage

An enchanting “Open Stage” event, consisting of a variety of categories such as Dance, Acoustics, Stand-Up Comedy, Poetry, and Creative Storytelling performances. (17/12/2022)

Induction Program

The Freshers of Session 2022-23 were introduced with the club and a small interactive discussion was conducted.(16/11/2022)

Open Mic 2.0

A fun and entertaining Open mic event with Poetry, Storytelling, Stand-up comedy and acoustic performances conducted along with Sipna Readers’ Club.(29/04/2022)

ABC of Success by Willpower Harris

A Seminar conducted offline on Success, motivation and development of self-esteem and confidence as well as kindness delivered by Motivational speaker, entrepreneur and philanthropist Mr. Will Harris from the United States. (18/04/2022)

The Speech Bubble

A poetry, short-story, prose writing competition, to improve and showcase literary creativity and promote writing as a hobby. (6/01/2022)


A competition to narrate news as if on television, aimed at boosting confidence and polishing skills and general knowledge. (25/12/2021)

Online Induction Program,The freshers were introduced with the club and a small interactive discussion was conducted.(10/10/2021)

Elocution Competition

Here’s your chance to vocalize your opinions in our latest event!

All you need to do is select a subject, send your video complying the rules of the competition, and you can get a chance to win exciting rewards!

Ad-Mad 2.0

An advertisement making competition, and an online version of attitude club’s previous ad-mad show. Participants displayed their creativity by making video advertisements on various products.(6/07/2021)

A Words Worth

An article writing competition conducted on the occasion of ‘Yuvanand’, the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda where the young minds penned down their thoughts on the teachings and life of Swamiji.(14/01/2021)

Poster Making Competition-A competition which was open for all having five different topics where the participants could portray their imagination & creativity (02/11/2020)

Elocution Competition Conducted on the occasion of Yuvanand-2020 for students to improve their speaking skills and eliminate stage fear (13/01/2020)

Essay writing Competition Conducted under the guidelines of Ministry of HRD, under the ‘Plastic waste free campaign’ where the participants were asked to write an essay on the topic “Swachhta Hi Seva” in any language  (25/10/2019)

MBA Induction Program for the batch 2019- 20 The freshers were introduced with the club and a small activity to improve self-confidence was conducted  (23/09/2019)

AD-MAD Show” The Ad making contest that had two rounds to boost communication skills, to run their minds and to develop team spirit    (11/09/2019)

Induction program for First year batch 2019 – 2020 In the Induction Program for the freshers, the club conducted small activities and promoted itself  (09/08/2019)

Seminar on “Opportunities in Life” by Presidents of ‘Attitude’ Personality Development club, Sipnoprenuer club & Social club ‘Jivhala’ (01/10/2018)

Seminar on “Nation and Youth” by Mr. Hiralal Yadav  (03/08/2018)

Seminar on “Awareness of Overall Development” by Mr. Shivaji Kuche  (26/07/2018)

Inauguration of “Attitude” Personality Development Club by Mr. Sagar Dhanodkar & Mr. Anil Rathi  (09/03/2018)

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