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March 22, 2024

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CODORITHM- State-Level Coding Competition organised by Department of IT

March 22, 2024

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February 10, 2024

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Programme Education Outcomes:

Engineering Graduates will be able to:


Analyze and solve real-life problems through application of Information Technology and fundamental knowledge of mathematics and science courses.


Succeed in diversified and applied areas with analysis, design and synthesis of data to create novel products and solutions to meet current industrial and societal needs.


Endure higher studies, research activities, entrepreneurial skills and continue with lifelong learning.


Adhere to professional and ethical values, soft skills, teamwork and communication.


Programme Outcomes:

Engineering Graduates will be able to:

PO1: Engineering knowledge:

Apply the knowledge of mathematics, science, engineering fundamentals, and an engineering specialization to the solution of complex engineering problems.

PO2: Problem analysis:

Identify, formulate, review research literature, and analyze complex engineering problems reaching substantiated conclusions using first principles of mathematics, natural sciences, and engineering sciences

PO3: Design/development of solutions:

Design solutions for complex engineering problems and design system components or processes that meet the specified needs with appropriate consideration for the public health and safety, and the cultural, societal, and environmental considerations

PO4: Conduct investigations of complex problems:

Use research-based knowledge and research methods including design of experiments, analysis and interpretation of data, and synthesis of the information to provide valid conclusions.

PO5: Modern tool usage:

Create, select, and apply appropriate techniques, resources, and modern engineering and IT tools including prediction and modeling to complex engineering activities with an understanding of the limitations.

PO6: The engineer and society:

Apply reasoning informed by the contextual knowledge to assess societal, health, safety, legal and cultural issues and the consequent responsibilities relevant to the professional engineering practice.

PO7: Environment and sustainability:

Understand the impact of the professional engineering solutions in societal and environmental contexts, and demonstrate the knowledge of, and need for sustainable development.

PO8: Ethics:

Apply ethical principles and commit to professional ethics and responsibilities and norms of the engineering practice

PO9: Individual and teamwork:

Function effectively as an individual, and as a member or leader in diverse teams, and in multi disciplinary settings.

PO10: Communication:

Communicate effectively on complex engineering activities with the engineering community and with society at large, such as, being able to comprehend and write effective reports and design documentation, make effective presentations, and give and receive clear instructions.

PO11: Project management and finance:

Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the engineering and management principles and apply these to one’s own work, as a member and leader in a team, to manage projects and in multi disciplinary environments.

PO12: Life-long learning:

Recognize the need for, and have the preparation and ability to engage in independent and life-long learning in the broadest context of technological change.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs):

Engineering Graduates will be able to:
PSO.1: Understand and apply fundamental concepts of Mathematics, Algorithms and Programming to solve real world problems.

PSO.2:Design and develop multidisciplinary software solutions using broad range of programming languages, open source tools and cutting edge technologies relevant to the IT industry.

PSO.3:Analyze and carry out research in the specialized/emerging areas to meet identified needs within economic, environmental and social constraints.

PSO.4: Exhibit awareness towards Professional Ethics, environmental aspects, social issues and readiness for lifelong learning.

Academic Programs

Under Graduate – B. E.

Sr. NoCourseIntake
01B.E.  (Information Technology)120

Post  Graduate –  M. E.

Sr. NoCourseIntake


  • Recognized Research Lab for Ph.D Programme in Information Technology with sactioned intake as per University Norms




The department has well equipped laboratories to run UG ,PG programmes and research work for Ph.D. students.
  • To provide good understanding of the fundamental database management system required in Information Technology.
  • To provide practical knowledge  of database technology to the students.
  • To train students in database management system so that they can use database in projects efficiently.
  • HP Pro 3330MT Computer Systems
    • Configuration:Intel I3-3.30 Procesor GHZ/2GB RAM/500GB HDD/DVD WR/ 18.5 TFT
  • To learn Content Management System that allows data publishing, editing and modifying, organizing, deleting content
  • To provide good understanding of Scilab, basic operations on signals like convolution, correlation etc.
  • To provide hands on practice of CPU scheduling algorithm, paging and memory management
  • HP Pro 3330MT Computer System
    •  Configuration: Intel I3-3.30 Procesor GHZ/2GB RAM/500GB HDD/18.5TFT
  • To understand concepts and principles of software design, user-centric approach and effective user interfaces.
  • To provide good understanding of Turbo Assembler(TASM) and Scilab.
  • To provide insights of software development life cycle and determining the quality of developed software.
  • HP Compaq 4000 Pro Computer Systems
    • Configuration:DC2.9 GHZ/2GB/500GB HDD/18″ TFT
  • To  train students in the field of IoT based applications development through projects and research.
  • Focus on design and development of IoT enabled technologies which are cost effective and socially relevant.
  • To motivate students  to work on multidisciplinary projects.
  • HP Computer Systems
  • IoT Kits
  • Rasberry PI B3 Kits
  • Arduino UHO Kits
  • XBEE shield for Arduino
  • Relay Board
  • WiFi Model for Arduino
  • Rasberry Camera
  • Bluetooth Model
  • To support ongoing projects by providing assistance and training.
  • To enhance creative learning among students.
  • To enable students to use all concepts of IT in creating a solution for a problem
  • To improve the managerial skills like team building, communication and management of the students.
  • HP Pro 3330MT Computer Systems
    • Configuration: Intel I3-3.30 Procesor GHZ/2GB RAM/500GB HDD/DVD WR/ 18.5 TFT
  • HP Compaq 4000 Pro Computer Systems
    • Configuration: DC2.9 GHZ/2GB/500GB HDD/18″ TFT
  • To acquire knowledge and skills for creation of websites considering both client and server side programming.
  • To build dynamic websites using server side programming and database connectivity.
  • To provide training on web extensions and web services.
  • HP 28042 Computer Systems
    • Configuration : Intel I3-3.30 Processor GHZ /4GB RAM/ 1 TB HDD/ 18.5 TFT,
  • To provide good understanding of the fundamental programming languages required in Information Technology.
  • To provide a strong basics of programming and algorithms to the students.
  • To train students in various basic and advance languages like C, C++, Java, PHP etc so that they can develop bugs free projects.
  • HP Compaq 4000 Pro Computer Systems
    • Configuration: DC2.9 GHZ/2GB/500GB HDD/18″ TFT
  • HP Pro 3330MT Computer Systems
    • Configuration: Intel I3-3.30 Procesor GHZ/2GB RAM/500GB HDD/18.5TFT.
LABORATORY -5 Facilities: Shift key modulation, Rectifier Training kit, Digital meter, Digital trainer system etc


List of projects participated in various competitions(2021-22)

Sr. No. Name of Project Developed By Guided By
Smart reporting system for detecting exact location of non-fuctional streetlight
Mr. Siddhesh Nandurakr
Dr. A. B. Deshmukh
2 Mr. Vedant Kawade
3 Ms. Rutuja Khedkar
4 Ms. Gayatri Kurhekar
5 Ms. Bhagyashri Metre
6 Ms. Vaishnavi Lichade
Dr. A. B. Deshmukh
Unique Student Identity and Student Profile System
Mr. Siddhesh Nandurakr
8 Mr. Vedant Kawade
9 Ms. Rutuja Khedkar
10 Ms. Gayatri Kurhekar
11 Ms. Bhagyashri Metre
12 Ms. Vaishnavi Lichade
Accessing Web Information for Visual Impared Person
Mr. Sarth Khandekar
Dr. M. D. Tambakhe
14 Ms. Snehal Borkar
15 Ms. Surita Sahu
16 Mr. Dhiraj Sharama
17 Mr. Sanskar Goenka
18 Ms. Samrudhi Khondekar
IoT Based Smart Irrigation System
Mr. Siddhesh Nandurakr
Dr. A. B. Deshmukh
20 Mr. Vedant Kawade
21 Mr. Atharva Wankhade
22 Mr. Vedant Talokar
23 Mr. Harshad Dighade



Sr.No. Name of Projects Developed By Guided By
01 The Safety Helmet using IOT Kshiti Kishor Chintawar
Kunal Shrikrushna Gawande
Gaurav kishor Tikhile
Gayatri Dilip wankhede
Prof. H. N. Watane
02 Smart Saline Controlling and Monitoring System Anjali Sunil Jangid
Anjali Ramratan Muley
Ravina Sanjay Khandare
Radhika Rajendra Kharde
Yash Raju Aage
Dr. N. M. Tarbani
03 Live Object Detection using Tensor Flow and Neural Network komal rajaram wakudkar
harshada santoshrao gogate
pallavi gajanan tekade
vaishnavi ramkrushna dabre
Prof. J. S. Karnewar
04 Automatic attendance using face recognition Prasad Diliprao Kalanke
Monika Dnyaneshwar Hagwane
Atharva Pramod Vibhute
Shweta Shivraj Kapse
Shital Rajesh Varma
Prof. V. P. Vaidya
05 Smart Agriculture for crops prediction Mansi Kedia
Zubiyah firdos Baig
Saloni Holani
Sakshi Sadrani
Dr. A. B. Deshmukh
06 Blockchain-Enabled Interplanetary Filesystem for Forensic and Trusted Data Tracebility SHYAMSUNDER SANDEEP BHAKARE
Prof. T. S. Rohankar
07 Automated hand Sanitizer machine for home and offices with temperature detection Gauri Arun Fulari
Jay sahebrao virulkar
Shubham Babarao Arakhrao
Vijay pundlikrao Shrinath
Surabhi Avinash Agarkar
Prof. R. L. Pardhi
08 Automatic Nutrition Supply to Plants in Hydroponic farming Using IoT based Devices Saurabh patil
Rutuja khodke
Shrutika Panse
Samiksha Khanve
Nikita gondewar
Prof. S. R. Kamble
09 जल नियंञनालय: A Soultion to Water Crisis Sushil Balaji Mohad
Yash Sureshrao Parimal
Rushikesh Vilas Sarolkar
Saurabh Gunvantrao Nanotkar
Vrushabh Babanrao Radke
Prof. H. N. Watane
10 Air Quality Monitoring System Pratik Kayate
Nishigandha Sable
Shardul Jalkote
Kiran Kawale
Prof. A. R. Thakur
11 Emergency Contact Service Ashish Kakane
Aniket Tirathkar
Abhishek Donge
Harshada Joshi
Prof. A. B. Deshmukh
12 Inventory Management System Pratik Kale
Abhinav Tayade
Kajol Tandurkar
Shubham Patil
Prof. A. J. Ade
13 Temperature Monitoring System Bhargavi Upadhaye
Aniket Dhole
Nikunj Sukalikar
Siddhi Bhelonde
Prof. T. S. Rohankar
14 Parking Security System Anuj Kumar Tiwari
Dhawal Gandhe
Sushil Mohod
Aditya Pawar
Gauri Pawar
Samruddhi Kapoor
Prof. T. S. Rohankar




Events & Activities

Events and Activities


Sr.No. Type of Event Topic Number of Participant's Name of Expert with Designation Date of Event
1.  Seminar Orientation Program on “Aptitude Preparation” 83 Mr. Dilip Chavan, Director, AVR Academy 19/10/2022
2.  Competition Best Idea Best Solution 14 Organized by Students’ Activity Cell, Dept. of IT 13/10/2022
3.  Day Celebration Teachers’ Day Celebration - Organized by Dept. of IT 05/09/2022
4.  Seminar Resume Building & Interview Tips for Job Seekers 127 Mr. Rushikesh Dhande,

Sr. Data Scientist, Pune

5.  Workshop 2-Days Workshop on
“Data Science & Machine Learning”
40 Mr. Rushikesh Dhande,

Sr. Data Scientist, Pune

20/08/2022 & 21/08/2022
6.  Webinar A Webinar on “Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking” 100 Dr. Harish Chandar, Director, India Tech, Mumbai 08/08/2022
7.  Competition “Codorithm - University Level Coding Competition”


45 teams consisting of 2 members each Prof. S. Z. Khan and Prof. A. R. Bhuyar 23/04/2022
8.  Seminar A Technical Session on “Salesforce - World's No. 1 CRM”


53 Prof. T. S. Rohankar, Assistant Professor, Dept. of I. T., Sipna COET, Amt. 31/03/2022
9.  Webinar A Webinar on “Stepping into Professional World”


260 Mrs. Meenakshi Kulkarni, Career coach and Mentor with leadership experience from BOSCH LTD. 16/03/2022
10.  Seminar A Hands-on Seminar on “Augmented Reality: Career & Startup Opportunities”


Total - 247

(IT - 157

CSE - 90)

Mr. Rahul G. Chute, Dnnovate – Creative Director 11/03/2022
11.  Webinar Webinar on “Stress Busters for Students” 138 Dr. Anuradha M. Totey, International Life Coach, Motivational Speaker and Ophthalmologist 09/02/2022
12 Webinar An online interaction session for all 3rd year I. T. students 63 Final Year Placed Students 14/12/2021
13 Webinar “DevOps” 129  Mr. Ojas Kale, M.S. Northern Illinois University, Illinois, U.S and Senior Software Develope, Egen Solutions, Chicago 04/12/2021
14 Webinar “Abroad Education and Opportunities” 80  Mr. Ashwin Alsi, Director, Proficient Test Prep, Amt 27/11/2021
15 Webinar “Data Science and Machine Learning” organized on the occasion of Engineers’ Day 134  Mr. Hemanka Sarmah, Data Scientist, Academics Intern from the prestigious National University of Singapore. 15/09/2021
16 Day Celebration Teachers’ Day Celebration (Both offline and online)  At Sadashanti Balgrugh and through Microsoft Teams, respectively 40 05/09/2021
17 Webinar  "Be Fit with Yoga" 122  Mrs. Leena Chandak, IT Professional and Certified Yoga Wellness Instructor by Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India 29/04/2021
18 Webinar "Fundamental Aspects of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning" 101  Dr. Mohammad Atique, Managing Committee Member, CSI Amravati Chapter and Professor, P. G. Department of Computer Science & Engineering, SGBAU, Amravati. 12/03/2021
19 Poster Making Competition Online Poster Making Competition on “The importance of Science in the field of Healthcare” organized on the occasion of National Science Day 62 28/02/2021 to 07/03/2021
20 Webinar “IoT & Enabling Technologies an Overview” 450+ Mr. Abhijeet Deogirikar, Founder Director and CEO of CopperCloud IOTech Pvt. Ltd., Pune. 04/10/2020
21 Webinar  XGen Application Testing Strategies (ML & AI) 120 Mr. Nitin Ramchaware, Associate Vice President, CRIF, India. 19/09/2020
22 Webinar “Unix Operating System and Shell as Programmer’s Workbench” on the occasion of National Engineer’s Day 120 Mr. Sachin Puri, Assistant Vice President, Credit Suisse, Pune. 15/09/2020
23 Seminar Impact of Maching Learning and Artificial Intelligence on our Future 77 Mr. Suyash Zawar Founder & CEO Effigrity Solutions,Pune 1/8/2019
24 Seminar SDLC in IT Industry and Insights of Automation Testing 74 Ms. Anagha Jagat Xoriant Solution Pvt. Ltd. Pune 27/7/2019
25 Seminar Abroad Education Awareness and Opportunities 57 Mr. Ashwin Alsi and Ms.Gauri Kale Co-founders,Proficient Test Prep Amravati 23/7/2019
26 Seminar Video Game Development Industry and Opportunitie of Engineers 54 Mr. Chetan Ingole Director Apogiv Pvt. Ltd. Amravati 18/07/2019
27 Guest Lecture Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence 44 Prof. Deepali Pande, Assistant Professor, Dept. of CSE, Sipna COET, Amravati 10/7/2019
28 Seminar Strategy to crack the interview 29 Mr. Rahul Patil,Nuance India Private Limited, Pune. 25/06/2019
29 Seminar Success in your Hand 34 Lokmat Group and Gillette 13/3/2019
30 Seminar Cloud Technology and Information Security 40 Mr. Anil Tatode, Training Officer,Department of Robotics and CloudTechnology, RTMNU 6/3/2019
31 Seminar Internet of Things 24 Mr. Pratik Kayate, Final year I.T. Student 12/2/2019
32 Seminar Tech Leap 51 Mr. Suyash Zawar, Founder and CEO of Effigrity Solutions, Pune 9/2/2019
33 Seminar M. Tech. as career option and opportunities available through GATE 35 Mr. Umesh Agalawe, Director, GATE Forum, Amravati 19/01/2019
34 Seminar Soft skills and technical skills requiredto crack interview, survival in job andhow to prepare for it 34 Lokmat Group and Gillette 13/3/2019
35 Seminar Strategy to crack the interview 59 Mr. Santosh More, CEO and Founder, SUN Infotech, Amravati 16/01/2019
36 Seminar Gap between packages students get in IIT’s, NIIT’s and how to Resolve that? 71 Mr. Lankesh Dhandale and Mr. Sujit Rumane, CEO and Founder member of Oxybills India Pvt. Ltd; Creative Head, Jugadukalars, respectively. 26/07/2018
37 Seminar and Hands- on session Website Development in one hour 57 Mr. Rahul Chute, Director, AMT GLOBAL, Amravati. 26/07/2018
38 Seminar Spoken English 60 Mr. Shivaji Kuche, Director, Speak Easy, Amravati. 21/07/2018
39 Seminar Overseas Education Made Easyr 21 Ms. Gauri Kale and Mr. Ashvin Alsi, Director, Proficient test prep,Amravati. 19/07/2018
40 Seminar Recent Trends in I. T. And Evolution of Programming Languages 148 Mr. Rushikesh Dhande, Worked as Lecturer, S. B. Jain College of Engineering, Nagpur. 18/07/2018

Technical workshop

Sr.No. Type of Event Topic Number of Participants Faculty Co-ordinator/Expert Date of Event
01 Workshop Two Days Technical Session on "Busting AI and Mastering Linkedin" 31 Mr. Saurabh S. Kulkarni, Data Scientist, Philips Engineering, Bangalore and also a Speaker and a Blogger. 05/12/2020 & 06/12/2020
02 Technical Workshop 2 days workshop on “Internet of Things (IoT)” 50 Prof.S. Z. Khan 21/09/2019 and 22/09/2019
03 Technical Workshop 3- Days workshop on IoT entitled “I3- India” 39 Prof.S. Z. Khan 18/01/2019 to 20/01/2019

Faculty Training Programs

Sr.No.   Type Topic Date
01 AICTE-ISTE Induction/Refresher Program Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning 13 January 2022 to 19 January 2022
02 A one week ISTE approved online STTP Digital Content Development for Effective & Efficient Teaching 27th July- 1st August 2020
03 A Five Days ISTE Approved Short Term Training Program LaTeX -The Document Processor 20th July- 24 July 2020
04 A Three days Faculty Development Program Video Recording, Editing and Uploading Tools 1st June-3rd Jun2 2020
05 A one week FDC PMMMNMTT sponsord FDP Data Science 2nd Dec -7th Dec 2019
06 One week AICTE-ISTE sponsored Induction/Refresher Programme Machine Learning and Research Methodologies in Engineering 23April- 28 April 2018
07 One Week Short Term Training Program Internet of Things (IoT) for Emerging Engineering Applications 28 Nov.- 3 Dec. 2016


Student Achievements

Winter 2023 Toppers

3rd Semester (A) 3rd Semester (B)
RankName of StudentPointer RankName of StudentPointer
1Khushi Taresh Jain9.7 1Gauri Sunil Bakal9.1
2Shrawari Rajesh Mondhe9 2Ishvari Vinodrao Munde8.75
3Anuradha Rajesh Karule8.85 3Pratik Satish Dashore8.7
5th Semester (A) 5th Semester (B)
RankName of StudentPointer RankName of StudentPointer
 Sanskruti Pravin Rane9.1 1Anushka Anil Ingole9.4
 Riddhesh Manoj Sharma9.1 2Shrushti Ganesh Doiphode8.45
 Apurva Ramdas Darokar8.8 3Pratik Dilip Bharskar8.45
7th Semester (A) 7th Semester (B)
RankName of StudentPointer RankName of StudentPointer
1Ankita Sanjay Bajanllawar8.91 1Atharva Sanjayrao Sakhare9.18
2Atharv Abhayrao Indurkar8.91 2Vaishnavi Sanjay Wankhade8.77
3Pranali Ramkrishna Parise8.91 3Kalyanee Ravindra Pachghare8.77

University Merit List

Sr. No.Name of StudentDegreeMerit No.Year
1Miss. Komal Dipakumar GhiyaBE52019
2Miss. Sakshi Sunil SadraniBE12022
3Miss. Saloni Vijay HolaniBE32022
4Miss. Vaishnavi Bhaskar ThakareBE62022
5Miss. Vaishnavi Pramod IsasareBE72022
6Mr. Aniket Raju ThakareBE72022
7Mr. Tushar Vinod DaveME12022

University Color Coat Holders

Sr. No.Name of StudentEventYear
1Mr. Kunal GawandeTechnical2019-20
2Miss Riya HindochaSwimming2021-22

Student Representative in Companies

Sr.No.Name of The StudentCompany NameDesignation
01Pratik KaleAtos SyntelAtos Syntel Campus Ambassador Program 2020
02Chitra ChouhanAtos SyntelAtos Syntel Campus Ambassador Program 2020
03Harshada JoshiIntershala/ Scholiverse EducareIntershala Student Partner

Winners and Runners in Technical Activities

Sr.No.Name of StudentEventVenuePrizeSession
01Ashish D. ShilpakarContraption – Vidyotan 2k19COET, Amravati2nd2018- 19
02Saurabh G. NanotkarIoT challenge-2019Conducted by I3- India Technologies at Stanley College of Engineering & Technology for Women, Hyderabad1st2018- 19
03Sushil B. MohadIoT challenge-2019Conducted by I3- India Technologies at Stanley College of Engineering & Technology for Women, Hyderabad1st2018- 19
04Runal P. BanaraseIoT challenge-2019Conducted by I3- India Technologies at Stanley College of Engineering & Technology for Women, Hyderabad1st2018- 19
05Prathamesh V. ThakareIoT challenge-2019Conducted by I3- India Technologies at Stanley College of Engineering &Technology for Women, Hyderabad1st2018- 19
06Bhargavi UpadhyeRobo Race – Vidyotan 2k19,Mock Placement – Ignite- national level technical eventSipna COET, Amravati,COET, Shegaon2nd2018- 19
07Nikunj SukalikarNFS (LAN Gaming) – Vidyotan 2k19, NFS (LAN Gaming) – Esperanza-2k19, NFS (LAN Gaming) – Techlons 2019, NFS (LAN Gaming) – NFS (LAN Gaming) – Prajwalan’19, NFS (LAN Gaming) – Ignite-national level technical eventSipna COET, Amravati, PRMIT&R, Badnera, P. R. Pote Patil, Amravati, GCOE, Amravati, COET, Shegaon1st 1st 1st 1st 1st2018- 19


Contact Us

  • Name:  Dr. Vijay S. Gulhane, Head of Information Technology
  • Office Contact No: (0721) 2522342 (Ext.)301
  • Email: