Sipna Alumni Association, established in 2007, maintains a long-lasting connection between the Institute and its strong alumni base spread across the world. It is run by an Executive Body consisting of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Joint-Secretary, Treasurer and Alumni members. We also have centralized Alumni In-charge who carries out all the alumni activities in collaboration with different departmental alumni coordinators. This association has conducted various webinars and interaction sessions for students of Sipna, in order to bridge the gap between the university curriculum and expected company requirements. It has also organized various mock interviews with the help of alumni for students in order to enhance their interview facing skills. Our alumni association also contributes to off-campus and in- campus placements by arranging various referral and placement drives through messages and mails received from various companies and sharing the same with our alumni and students.

Dedicated volunteers work with the Alumni Association to develop an active alumni network. Whether it’s volunteering, attending events conducted by the Institute or participating in the Institute’s diverse legacy projects – active and involved alums add phenomenal value to Sipna, which in turn helps preserve its position as one of the world’s premier  institutes.  The Alumni Association continues to seek innovative ways to serve alumni by providing social, educational, and professional opportunities that will appeal to our alums, their peers and extended network.

The objective of conducting such activities is to promote the intellectual growth of our alumni and to explore a particular subject by interacting with industry experts where alumni will get a platform to express their views and ideas. They will also get benefited by relating theoretical concepts with practical inputs of their field. These kinds of activities pour an extra enthusiasm in alumni that gives a practical approach to their studies, which is the need of this hour. Since the alumni are actively involved in the society, they help the institute to take initiatives in social commitments to serve the society .They help in motivating the faculty members to participate in programs organized by the government and non government organizations. They also utilize the potential of faculty members in different works of the society as per their skills and competence. Interests of stakeholders are ensured through Alumni association. Analysis of the regional, national, and global needs is made through the interactions with its members. The valuable input received about the academics and administration has been given serious considerations to help modify the existing policies. The college invites well-placed and successful alumni for guidance in skills such as personality development, guest lectures on recent trends, seminars of updating technologies and communication skills. They also elaborate about the career opportunities available in different departments. Even though the institution has structured mechanism for career guidance and placement of its students, encouragement by alumni has an appreciable impact on the students because the alumni of the institute has reached to prime managerial positions and are even leading entrepreneurs. Alumni association has been a boon to the institution because of a few extremely dedicated volunteers who have established a long term relationship for the betterment of the institution. By general consensus, we all know that Alumni are a strong voice to foster and improvised change in day to day working of the institution and our alumni network has empowered us by extending innovative ways to bring about social, educational, professional changes. The alumni platform besides disseminating wonderful ideas also provides a platform to get connected with the institution, with the management and the students. The institution proposes to host an alumni events day every year to facilitate a reunion of all the ex-students not only to enjoy but to help upgrade the college in various fields. In the near future, we want to make the alumni association an important pillar of the institution so that it will cater to help in positive enhancement of  all the stakeholders related to the institution. Our college has earned the reputation as a disciplinarian institution with transparency and governance.

An Alumni association of 5800 alumni members forms a strong alumni base of our passed out students.An alumni meet -”SANSMARAN”is organize by the association and institute regularly.

Executive Body of Sipna Alumni Association

 Sipna Alumni Association is run by an Executive Body consisting of President, Vice- President, Secretary, Joint-Secretary, Treasurer and Alumni members. The details are as shown below:


President Mr. Rajiv Bhaiyyasaheb Jadhav
Vice-President Ms. Rakhi Vijay Gupta
Secretary Mr. Sanket Bhupalsangai Kasturiwala
Joint-Secretary Mr. Gargey Madhukar Aachare
Treasurer Mr. Yogesh Haridas Gulhane
Alumni members Mr. Bhushan Vitthalrao Gulhane

Mr. Malhar Kashinath Pangrikar

Glimpses of SANSMARAN-An Alumni Meet 2024

Glimpses of SANSMARAN-An Alumni Meet