About Computer Center

About Computer Centre

The institute has state of the art IT infrastructure which includes separate computer center with the capacity of 100 latest configuration all in one personal computers for students of all branches. Students use Computer Centre for browsing internet, downloading large files related to their academics, conducting workshops and webinars etc.

Server Room is an integral part of Computer Center which has dedicated servers for our inhouse developed ERP, LMS, RCMS, Feedback Management System, Self-Appraisal portal, OBE, EMS, Soul, Virtual Programming Lab Server and many other web applications. Few of these applications has dedicated servers whereas others run virtually.

We manage internet of entire institute from this place using Cisco Router and dedicated firewall device to mitigate cyber security norms. Every user in an institute has a username and password to access internet. Guests are allowed through proper authentication process.

We have 220 MBPS dedicated leased line as our primary internet connection from BSNL and 300 MBPS broadband connection as our backup connection from Airtel. We use 100 MBPS dedicated bandwidth from RailTel for our servers to work online seamlessly. So the total bandwidth available with us is 620 MBPS.



1. Prof. Ravindra L. Pardhi, In-charge, Computer Centre
2. Mr. Mahendra T. Pathade, Hardware Technician