Best Management College in Amravati

Best Management College in Amravati

Management programm was established under the aegis of Sipna College of Engineering and Technology, Amravati. Management Department is dedicated to expand a student’s precious characteristic such as professionalism, dedications towards superiority and an intelligence of drive in life. At Department of Management it has been our venture to converse such excellence education and sensible training that will help students in planning themselves for confront of the aggressive commercial arena. The stress is on the agriculture of an approach that helps students to become practical leamer and constructive method to adjust.

Management programs helps an individual to develop and meet needs of any organization for particular functional areas. Management skills enhance your leadership quality, interpersonal skills and much more.

Sipna’s Management program will lead you to develop business management skills which let them improve a decision making skills and grow their organization along with personal growth.

Our Objective:

• To develop professional management skills which will help to built managerial as well as leadership quality so that they can offer their organization with great success.

• The program will let you learn proper utilization of your skills and knowledge together.

• This program will help you to lead in corporate as well as government sectors.

• Management program will lead to be expert in this vast field of marketing.

As per our curriculum we provide interactions with various seminars, guest lecture’s by industry based professional’s, conference, events which make you grow your interpersonal skills. We at Sipna College offers MBA program beneficial for each and every students to grow their managerial qualities for their better growth of their career.

Sipna expected at increasing collectively answerable organization proficient that can put in to economic advance and improved superiority of life for worldwide civilization in exceedingly energetic annoyed educational surroundings. The institute offer consequent facilities:

• Communication skill: Divide behavior progress program are demeanor, Group deliberations are behavior on ordinary basis, and English speaking has been finished essential for the students.

• Public Specking: Course group space presentations, deliberate are manner by personality amenities to eliminate their period terror and to put up their assurance point.

• Teacher Guardian: They are annoyed to split their limitation or disadvantage and some other difficulty region with individual Teacher protector power to expand a burly behavior.

• Industrial Visit : With a sight to allow the students achieve enhanced in the university grounds or college ground energy a lot of mechanized organization infrastructure be detained. It make easy student to get hold of a bottomless imminent and foresightedness keen on the technique and workflow of the corporation in dissimilar division.

• Guest Lectures : Visitor sermon are prearranged occasionally beneath the sequence “Carve up my Knowledge”. Starting occasion to occasion these lectures and workshops are planned on pertinent topics where renowned spokespersons from communal military, manufacturing, educational and system of government are invited to improve our students.

• Training and Placement Cell : Support is present in technological and yielding ability preparation for site assortment.

• Well prepared Lab.

Therefore be it MBA in HR, MBA in Finance and MBA in System and Production, our aspire to offer holistic expansion of the undergraduate. This make convinced that by the instance absolute their organization agenda, they are prepared with the technological information and ability necessary to guide on association successfully.