Sipna -RPTO(Remote Pilot Training Organization)

Sipna College of Engineering and Technology, now become the first institute in Vidharbha region to start, the DGCA Approved RPTO Centre. Remote Pilot Training Organization RPTO, is an organization approved by Directorate general of civil Aviation government of India New Delhi.

Currently in India total 103 RPTO`s are working , and in Maharahshtra 13 RPTO`s are working in western region, Sipna -RPTO is the first one in Vidharbha region.

The role and responsibilities of Remote Pilot Training Organization (RPTO`s) in drone education are fundamental to ensuring the responsible, safe and ethical operations of unmanned aircraft(drones). RPTO`s serve as educators, mentors and industry connectors, shaping the next generation of drone Pilots.

Drones formally known as unmanned Arial Vehicles (UAVs) Are being employed across diverse industries from agriculture, construction, medical, courier and  search and rescue operations and so on. As these applications continue to grow , it becomes paramount to ensure that individuals operating drones are well trained and stick to strict standards

For further details contact

  • Prof. Dr. Sunilingh S. Mungona ,Accountable Manager   9850368016
  • Mr. Nandkishor O. Kadu, Admin  9637624313

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