KRIDAYAN – 2024 (An Annual Sports Fest)

KRIDAYAN (An Annual Sports Fest) is a vibrant celebration of athleticism, teamwork, and unbridled enthusiasm. The air is charged with the spirit of competition as athletes showcase their prowess in a kaleidoscope of events. Beyond the competitive edge, Kridayan fosters a sense of camaraderie, where participants forge bonds that extend beyond the track. The colors of jerseys, the palpable energy, and the collective pride make Kridayan a spectacle that transcends mere athleticism. It’s a celebration of human potential, unity, and the sheer joy of pushing one’s limits. Which week can be more enthralling in an academic calendar than the one dedicated to sports and games? Promoting athleticism and teamwork, Sipna College of Engineering & Technology, Amravati organizing an Annual Sports Fest called Kridayan between 12th and 17th February, 2024. Following sports event will be played in the same.

1.Relay Race (Men’s & Women’s)
2.Cricket (Men’s & Women’s)
3.Football (Men’s)
4.Kabaddi (Men’s)
5.Volleyball (Men’s & Women’s)
6.Kho-Kho (Men’s & Women’s)
7.Lagori (Women’s)
8.Tug of War (Men’s & Women’s)
9.Arm Wrestling (Men’s & Women’s)
10.Table Tennis (Men’s & Women’s)
11.Carrom (Men’s & Women’s)
12.Chess (Men’s & Women’s)

KRIDAYAN 2024 Teaser

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